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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting session

Step #1 - Define Your Requirements

We Will Assist You To Define and Document Your Current Processes. This Is Very Critical to Identify Your Goals and Objectives For The Project. With The Current State Defined  We Document The Future State And The Value These Processes Will Bring To Your Company. 

D365 Vendor Trick. They Love To March In 5 Consultants for $1000 / Hour For Many Weeks To Figure Out Your Requirements. Yikes! We Will Do That For A Fraction Of That Cost.  This Will Reduce Your Project Costs By At Least 33%.  Question: Who Knows Your Business Better - You Or A D365 Vendor?  Then Why Do So Many Companies Let Their D365 Vendor Define Their Requirements.  One Reason It Is Easy. Yes - Easy and Expensive! A Second Reason is The Vendor Knows D365 So They Must Know What I Need. Wrong! Not Taking Ownership to Define Your Requirements It Is Almost Certain You Will Have A Failed D365 Implementation. Let Us Assist You To Complete This Critical Task So You Have A Successful On Schedule / On Budget Project.


Step #2 - Choosing The Right Vendor

With The Right Requirements Defined The Next Step Is To Choose a D365 Vendor. We Know All The Companies And Their Strengths and Weaknesses. Choosing The Right Vendor Is Critical. There Are Many Choices. The Problem Is How Do You Review Each One To Know What Experience, Services and D365 System Is Being Recommended. Will The Proposed System Meet My Requirements?  

The Answer Is To Develop A Request For Proposal (RFP).  The RFP Is Critical Because It Makes An Apples To Apples Comparison So It Is Easy To Choose The Right D365 Vendor. We Will Write The RFP.  Manage The D365 Vendor Demos. Negotiate The Statement of Work (SOW) For The Project.  

D365 Vendors Are Famous For Leaving  Out  Key Requirements In The SOW. Why?? Change Orders.  The Crown Jewel For All D365 Vendors.  Change Orders Add More Cost To The Project. This Is How D365 Projects Double and Triple The Original Budget. D365 Vendors Are Piranhas! If You Let Them Eat You Alive They Will. 

We Have The Experience To Not Let That Happen. 


Step #3 - Developing The Right Project Plan

With The Right D365 Vendor Chosen We Will Develop The Project Plan.  As Your Project Managers We Use the Plan To Monitor and Control The Project.  Our #1 Goal Is To Look After Your Interests and $$'s. Never Think Your D365 Vendor Is Looking After Your Interests. They Are Not.  Their Goal Is To Develop Change Orders To Drive Up The Budget And Their Profits.  

Half Way Through A Current D365 Project We Changed The Vendor Resource Forecast For The Last 3 Months Of The Project And Saved The Customer $126K.  

Finally, D365 Vendors Get Away With Adding Additional Costs To The Project Because You and Your Team Have A Day Job.  You Do Not Know The Details So You Agree To Their Recommendations. As Your Project Managers We Will Monitor and Control The Project Every Day. The Result. Your D365 Project Comes In On Schedule / On Budget!